Welcome to,
Aros Skydiving Club!

We welcome guest jumpers from everywhere and can provide teams with full accommodation and an unforgettable jumping experience.

FK Aros is located near Stockholm-Västerås International Airport (VST.) We jump all year round and have great facilities such as accommodation, restaurant/cafeteria, facilities for own cooking, sauna, showers, creeper area and our airplane: A Cessna 208 Super Caravan (15 jumpers).

Our main season ranges from March through October, with highlights (full weeks of skydiving, boogies, events, etc.) May through August.
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(anywhere you see "Hoppning..." has planned skydiving, the hours written after is between what hours there is supposed to be skydiving)

Welcome to FK Aros!

Our Cessna 208 Caravan

Summer feelings at Aros!

Finally the summer heat has arrived, the weather is beautiful and we're jumping as much as we can!

Welcome to Aros, whether you're a student, skygod or want to do a tandem jump.

If you are a team looking for a great place to practice, contact us for a possible team discount.
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Only credit card payment in the manifest.

During ongoing season, please make all refill to your jump account through the manifest, otherwise expect that it might take up to 2 weeks until your online payment has reached your jump account.

Svenska Fallskärmsklubben Aros
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